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ITV is the UK’s largest commercial TV station, offering advertisers unparalleled volumes of audiences from all key demographics. They are at the heart of popular culture and are the only commercial channel to regularly attract large audiences. ITV can deliver your advertising messages to a huge number of potential customers, quickly and in the most effective way.

One of ITV’s biggest USPs for advertisers is their regional flexibility – clients choose exactly which areas to target and therefore can ensure their campaigns are as successful as possible. They divide the whole UK into regions and some of which sub-divide into micro regions.

ITV1 is a live platform. We buy our clients a guaranteed size audience so you will know how many viewings your budget will achieve in advance.

The audience for ITVX is growing rapidly. It is the new streaming service packed with 10,000 hours of content. The viewer can choose to catch up on their favourite programmes or enjoy brand new content not yet seen elsewhere, all for free. We can recommend popular choices of where is best to advertise so you maximise your views.

ITVX can be bought by ITV region or by town so you can buy an area to suit. You can also buy many exact audiences such as households, for example, exact audience or by programme.

ITVX Mobile

Channel 4 regionalises into large macro areas.

This can be bought regionally right down to Council areas. It is the youngest and most up market of all streaming platforms.

My5 is a catchup platform and can regionalise into postcodes or the same regions as ITV1.

Sky Adsmart can offer a very targeted audience. You may buy this airtime by postcode, local authority or via a wealth of data such as household make up.

Sky regional is a live platform and can be bought as a package of airtime that mirrors the ITV1 regions but cannot break down into micro regions.

Sky offers packages of airtime, and their regions mirror that of ITV1 but Sky do not sub divide into micro regions.

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