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Television advertising reaches the largest audience of any media. Regional television advertising is a natural route to market for regional businesses because it reaches your specific target audience in your regional area, so your television commercial gets seen by the largest possible number of the right people.

Areas for regional television advertising vary between broadcasters, but they all offer the same thing: cost-effective television advertising direct to your audience.

Regional Television advertising is:


Your television campaign can be targeted to your region. Video on demand allows you to drill right down to specific towns.


The reduced geographic coverage of regional television brings the cost of advertising right down, making it affordable for small and medium-sized businesses.

Cost Effective

The size of audience you reach through regional television advertising makes it the most cost-efficient and effective advertising medium.

Regional Television Coverage

REGIONAL means your television campaign will reach the right regionally based audience for your business, via the most cost-efficient and effective medium available: television. 

Select a broadcaster, then hover over the map to view macro and micro regions. 

HOw much does it cost?

Below are three real airtime proposals to give you a feel for the potential cost of regional television advertising. The cost of a campaign depends on a number of factors: the length of your commercial, which regional television area you want to cover, which month and what time of day your commercial runs.

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Cost for a week of television advertising, daytime only with 10 second spots. 


Cost for a week of television advertising, daytime only with 10 second spots. 


Cost for a week of television advertising, daytime only with 10 second spots.


These are real airtime costs. They were transmitted this year as part of larger campaigns but could be bought as small standalone campaigns if required.

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