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Julie Hunt Advertising started trading back in 1988. Over the years we have seen governments come and go, the economy expand, contract (and expand again) and witnessed colossal changes in the world of broadcasting. Throughout, we have continued planning, booking and producing successful TV advertising campaigns for our many clients some of whom have been with us since our first day of trading. 

We are a small but perfectly formed team who have worked together for many years and each of us has their part to play in the process of creating and managing successful TV advertising campaigns. You can read more about each of us by clicking the links below – or better still give us a call to have a chat about how we can help you with regional TV advertising. 

The Team



This is a very bad picture of our dear MD – the passport picture is even worse. After 15 years at ITV she plucked up the courage to start her own agency. Now in its 26th glorious year she feels she must be getting something right. Made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in 2008 for something she must have achieved over the years and married a bit late in the day in 2012, an even bigger achievement. She feels she has struck a blow for business ladies everywhere by lasting so long!


10 years of working in the theatre taught David to be calm in a crisis and a demon with deadlines. His saintly patience comes naturally. David has also now been with us for 10 years - he must have started working at a very young age as he’s still only 29. He’s a coffeeholic, a caveman and is owned by two gorgeous Toygers.


Our lovable New Sales Assistant, Pat has been with us more years than she cares to remember. You’ll know when you’ve spoken with Pat as your day will be all the brighter for it.


Top dog & all round good spaniel. A brilliant chum when nerves are frayed. He has been an extra in commercials that can afford him. He huffs & puffs on his special casting couch in the office. Clients often prefer him to us.


Arriving from London – first class – at the age of 5 she has now reached the marvellous age of 19. Evacuated from London when her previous owner, still one of our prominent clients, had to relocate. She has taken to country life but has never lost her city chic.


Our eagle-eyed Bookkeeper has been with us since day one. Possibly the only one of us with a real grasp of mathematics.

Julie Hunt Advertising secure the best possible rates and at short notice put together highly professional commercials.

0117 932 3001